All UnTamed & LuZa CBD Products are for Medicinal usage only! They are not sold or intended for recreational use. All UnTamed CBD and LuZa CBD Products are Hemp derived & Legal under Wisconsin State Bill 10 & and the 2019 Farm Bill Passed by Congress & Wisconsin 2017 Hemp Bill and are under 0.3 % THC. You Must Be 21 Years or older to purchase UnTamed & LuZa CBD products. We do not accept returns on any opened products.

LuZatmCBD Wellness

 Cannabinoid Compounderstm

LuZatm CBD is a Custom Formulator & Cannabinoid Compoundertm Per their Customers Needs

  - Terpene Extracted (Our patented extraction method) Produces Higher Quality & Cleaner Extract & End Product then CO2 and Solvents

  - LuZatm CBD Is Not a One Size Fits All Product, as LuZatm, is the only Cannabinoid Compoundertm in the Country

  - LuZatm CBD Manufactures ALL of their products.

  - LuZatm CBD Products are used across the Country by 100's of Practitioners & Medical Doctors in their Clinics

  - Come Visit  LuZatm CBD Wellness Centers in Madison, Fond Du Lac & Chilton 

  - In Person or Phone Conferences with LuZatm CBD Wellness Cannabinoid Technician's & Physican's

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